Keep an eye out for our 3900ltr 450 Isuzu.   It's on the road and ready for work.

ECO Liquid Waste Pty Ltd took delivery of its new 2009 6x4 Isuzu CXY GIGA Premium 455HP, in June 2009.

The truck has an 11,000 litre tank and is fitted with a telescopic hoist, 500 litre on-board fresh (non-potable) water supply, combined with a 14,000kpa (2000psi), 15 litre per minute pressure cleaner.   The vacuum pump fitted also has the capability to provide vacuum up to 80kpa and pressure to 40kpa.   This completes the package and makes for a very versatile multi purpose piece of machinery.


Click here to see the pictures of our new truck


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